MNF – Micro Nutrient Focus: Update 1

Here’s what we have found, a great website and tracking system from the well renowned Dr Mercola and in this tracker you can see your nutrient intake daily. The tracker is called CRON-O-Meter and you can find the link at the bottom of this page and try using it for a day or two and it will learn what you eat and be predictive for you. At first it takes a while then daily food, drink logging is easy.  Already I can see daily what is missing in terms of micro-nutrients and can adjust my diet to add the missing  sources as the day progresses, so there’s not really any guesswork on a daily basis. Simply searching for the food sources that contain your missing micros will help you to adapt and adjust your daily diet to ensure full nutrient density.


If you are an athlete who trains for a significant amount of time daily then you can add training time/intensity and sport to the tracker for a more accurate assessment of calorie needs. I don’t think the tracker will take into account sweat losses yet, so you will probably have to include extra minerals/electrolytes to take that into account. It would be a nice new feature.


So far so good and it has identified a well known missing vitamin/pre-hormone, Vitamin D as deficient in my diet, so I can correct that knowing you can only get vitamin D from direct sunlight or pills. I also see potassium is low so I can search and find sources like sweet potatoes and now im eating pistachios for their potassium. When you get to the early afternoon you can see what you need for pre training or for dinner and adjust the menu to find what you need. Nutrient density of food is clearly higher in less processed or natural foods and this should be taken into account when looking at micronutrients as intake does not equal absorption. Eat whole foods for better quality foods and drinks.

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Dr Mercola MNF Focus tracker

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