IRONMAN 2022 Frankfurt

£565 entry cost
£582 Hotel cost
£400 est Travel cost
£500 est Logistics cost
Total : est £2200


Oct 14 2021 – Frankfurt 2022 was chosen today for water temp and lake swim.
Now to get the pieces together. Right shoulder still recovering from bike crash with limited ROM. Have not swum since 2019 in the Florida Keys.
Oct 13 – Raised saddle 2mm and saddle fwd 10mm on the road bike, a Litespeed conversion
Oct 17 – ran 3 and rode 3 also. A good starter week, consistency is key.
INJ: Right foot under toes still a bit sore. Foot roller, BSPOT and NIKE Invincible shoes. Not much sleep as we are doing 3 long nights with Brian, we are full time carers for my father in law.
Oct 18 – Poor weather and very tired. Ate well and started work on swim training with Effortless Swim video series. Final PT session for the broken shoulder, down to me now.
Oct 20 – Shiela’s book. Using “stroke data” to improve swim times. Ran 10k slowly.
Oct 20 Ride with Mike Borza going to ride Wednesdays together across the ocean.
Oct 22 Rode 60 mins for the first time. Also arranging for Swim Smooth session on Dec 4.
Oct 24 – Joined Tenby leisure center from Thursday Oct 28. Aim use free bus pass to get there and train hard, rehabilitation and strength regain for upperbody and shoulder.
Oct 26 – Indoc session with Tom at leisure center. Took the free bus, for over 60’s, to Narberth Road stop then warm up run 1.2km to gym and ran 3.5 miles home uphill for half of it!
Oct 27 planning to recce 8k Oktober Saundersfoot Runners run and ride Kickr. Well did ride 70 mins but no run.
Oct 28 going for recce 8k then group run today. Gym at 1130. All done in the cold and rain, Epsom salts arrived today so 500gm plus Radox and a 40 min soak. TWISTED ankle running.
Oct 30 – biking Wahoo feeling down with so much rain and shit weather. Signed up for 3 days gym in Tenby. Group run tomorrow 8k test. Gaining weight up to 73+ kg Oct 31 a Sunday and an 8k group run, slowly with the group. Monthly challenge achieved for all. Next month an event, Park run.


Nov 1 Added a Monday gym/run to gain the needed miles as a slow build up begins. And RALK back from gym on Tuesday. Slowly does it. RALK is going to be key. Result was a 9 min pace RALK Tenby to home, uphill half the way.
Nov 3 – 10min pace is 4.20 and 10.30 is 4.40 so I would be very happy with that for IM. Aim to practice RALK building distance by end May.
Nov 7 first longer run 8 miles with Rachel from the shop. Nice and easy average 9 min/mile or so but finished at 6.30 ish. Riding at 2.00 first time ZWIFT after months off.
Nov 9 – felt good running to gym and can feel shoulder ROM and STRENGTH gains.
Feeling excited, feeling stronger and training feels better already.
Nov 12 – feeling quite good and strong. FTP indoors now 203w. Less aches still some pains like right foot but working on it. Weight seems to have plateaued at 74kg and now coming off. Training has increased a bit and consistent. Strength work and right shoulder rehab going well with better ROM but still weak.
Nov 14 – longest run for ages 16km left ankle sore where I twisted it a week ago. Will do cold water and Epsom plus ibuprofen cream.
Nov 21 sunny cold but beautiful day for 16k with Rachel and then Mark. Finished with 1.39 Strand 400m. Feeling strong today, aches in left ankle, right foot under toes and right knee. Shoulder mobility increasing. Start swimming soon beginning of Dec. Just one more week of shoulder traction and mobility work.
Nov 27 – our run group anniversary party and 1 mile fun event. Park Run cancelled during storm Arwen.


Dec 6 – swam for the first time. 
Dec 8 – “There are no shortcuts, no magic spells and no free rides”
Dec 12 – a long night watch with Brian. Swam and now riding ZWIFT.
Dec 19 feeling good as the sun is shining. Ran 10k at Llys y Fran with the group. Lovely day and a good training week
Dec 26 – a decent week. Longer rides and more swimming needed

Jan 3 – slow start after a short swim and gym session on Monday.
Jan 7 – used new snorkel and got out smiling after 975y.
Jan 8 – is Swim Smooth program at Atlantic college with Andrea for video analysis.
Jan 9 – great fun group run 14k finished sub 7. Then ZWIFT Group ride 90 mins with the VB crew. Feeling very good.
Jan 9 – need to buy aero bars for road bike, probably Decathlon Sports ones
Jan 11 – for weight management only dark chocolate or fruit for sweet treats from week 20. Then with 4 weeks to go will reconsider diet shape. Jan 23 – after tooth out no swims for a few days so it’s swim video watching and analysis for several days. Gaining a better understanding.
Jan 23 – ran 9.5 miles getting ready for a half marathon Feb 19th Jan 24 – almost last desert. It was fruit crumble and custard, no cream  Jan 25 – cold few days running slow. Feel good riding indoors and working through the swim videos. Jan 26 – decided to fly with BA from LHR and back in business class gives 2 bags including the bike

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Health and performance focused professional triathlon and running coach since 2010. Coaching runners since 2001. European AG champion and world championships AG bronze medalist. BEMER specialist and Independent Distributor. Coaching runners and triathletes of all ages from youth to world championships level. I trained under the IRONMAN coaching program alongside the US MASTERS swimming, USA Cycling and USA Track and Field program as well as UK Athletics. Lifelong learning, athlete centered and successful. Retired UK Military after 32 years service.

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