Frequency medicine or EM spectrum medicine

Create the framework for a booklet that explains the healthy frequencies and power, wavelength etc for healing and optimising health. Structure ideas : Why frequencies and energy. Sizes and scales. Effects and outcomes. Sources and modalities. Devices and usage. Different frequencies basically create vibrations in things including your cells, muscles etc. Describe EM Spectrum: TheContinue reading “Frequency medicine or EM spectrum medicine”

On being A Tolerant

Finding a purpose is important and will change as we age through the phases of life, but finding our identity will only change for the better as we become older, more knowledgable and more experienced. To determine our identity means finding some beliefs, causes, ideals and maybe role models. I think that tolerance is vitalContinue reading “On being A Tolerant”

Why do humans choose sickness over health

With lifestyle diseases increasing and the burden on societies becoming greater every year, why is it that we chose to be sick? Of course not everyone does, but look at the data, the government attempts to support health yet still we smoke, imbibe lots of alcohol and do no or minimal exercise. But we chooseContinue reading “Why do humans choose sickness over health”

Slovakia and Scotland a model for separation

Looking into Slovakia after a chance encounter in a nut shop in San Miguel de Cozumel this week, it looks like there are very distinct similarities with Scotland. Slovakia has enjoyed a boom since 1992 and the velvet divorce from Czech Republic, and after 12 years alone joined the EU and NATO in 2004 andContinue reading “Slovakia and Scotland a model for separation”