Frequency medicine or EM spectrum medicine

Create the framework for a booklet that explains the healthy frequencies and power, wavelength etc for healing and optimising health.

Structure ideas : Why frequencies and energy. Sizes and scales. Effects and outcomes. Sources and modalities. Devices and usage. Different frequencies basically create vibrations in things including your cells, muscles etc.

Describe EM Spectrum: The electromagnetic spectrum is a range of energetic frequencies that can create change in cells and thereby tissues from organs to muscles and the brain. Positive change is the aim of course and there is much evidence for hugely positive gains you will find in the end notes and bibliography.

Some examples: Laser treatment for cancers, radiation treatment for cancers, red light therapy for skin issues. PEMF treatment for circulation and bone healing, even music and the solfeggio frequencies for mood and happiness and trauma healing. Of course we know that our sun emits a lot of radio frequencies some of which could be harmful and many that are beneficial such as infra red and visible light plus the vital health issue of vitamin D production from the skin using the sun in the UV frequency range. So clearly there are many beneficial frequencies and some harmful. Take 2.4GHz a normal frequency for WI-FI which we think is reasonable safe but at high power in the microwave oven the same frequency can be deadly. Ultrasound is simply frequency medicine used for visualising the body inside without the extra negative effects of X-Rays and ultrasound is used for muscle damage treatments as are cold lasers, so called because the do not create heat in body tissues but do stimulate cells to about 5cm depth.


Published by Dai Roberts Triathlon

Health and performance focused professional triathlon and running coach since 2010. Coaching runners since 2001. European AG champion and world championships AG bronze medalist. BEMER specialist and Independent Distributor. Coaching runners and triathletes of all ages from youth to world championships level. I trained under the IRONMAN coaching program alongside the US MASTERS swimming, USA Cycling and USA Track and Field program as well as UK Athletics. Lifelong learning, athlete centered and successful. Retired UK Military after 32 years service.

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